Monday, December 7, 2009

In my house, heeling is an issue

But this post isn't about the kind of "heel" my dogs are so bad at. This is what's in store for me as the mom of a baby girl in today's society. 

I thought this photo of Suri Cruise, from last week's People magazine, was rather shocking.  The girl is THREE for goodness' sake.

High heels?!

Well, consider me stupefied when I did a quick Google search to get a copy of that pic and I came upon this article with a photo of another pair of high heeled shoes on little Suri's tootsies!

The commenters of that article seemed split between
"Aw, so cute and fashionable. And girls will be girls..."  

"Heels are harmful to feet and should be worn by no one," and

"Call child services, her parents have lost their minds."

Katie Holmes is quoted as saying that Suri likes the shoes and people should just back off.

Okay, that at least makes sense to me. I have no say in how Homes and Cruise raise their daughter and I shouldn't.

But will I allow Uli to wear high heels at age 3? I don't know for certain (imagining my baby girl batting her eyes and begging to wear them--though, who gave them to us in the first place?), but I think not. Knowing that they're ball room dance shoes makes me feel a little better about a child wearing them. But only just kind of. I mean, I've pretty much given up wearing heels myself because they are so bad for my feet, and to think about putting my baby's feet into them...

On another note, this website is far creepier than any one or two instances of a three year old wearing high heels. I cannot imagine living a life in which my baby daughter has strangers watching her and a creepy fashion fan blog about her clothes. I mean, I admit, I find myself hoping that people think my daughter is as cute as I think she is (mama vanity). But a blog about what she's wearing from day to day created and maintained by a stranger? No thank you.The occasional "What a darling!" from the grandmas at the grocery store is sufficient for me. Anything else would be icky.

So, really, I kind of feel guilty writing this post. Suri's parents have enough to think about without being criticized for their daughter's footwear.

Nevertheless, since I don't have the paparazzi on my doorsteep, stalking my child, I have the time to consider whether or not I want to risk her having bunions by age six. Just wanted to put it out there:  high heels on a three year old?


Elizabeth December 15, 2009 at 7:40 PM  

Wow...that's a shocker!... I had no idea that people were not only stalking the celebs for family pics...but to then write in on blogs about the pint sized clothing...let's just let the children be children, famous or not. When the girl's in 4th grade and Googles herself...she shouldn't get a blog showing all the fashion chooses of her entire life. That is sure to give her a complex and anxiety issues.

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