Monday, October 24, 2011

Elusive Baby Smile

She gives them so freely in person, but they're hard to catch on camera.


Friday, October 21, 2011

What's the opposite of an ovo-vegetarian?

Because What do _______ eat? is one of her new favorite topics of conversation.

Uli:   Mama, what do lizards eat?

Me [not really current on lizard cuisine]:   Umm... Bugs. And plants. Well, maybe not plants... Eggs?

Uli:   [horrified] No, not eggs! Eggs are where baby birds grow! They grow up inside and pop out of the shell. Lizards aren't allowed to eat those babies' eggs, no!

Me:   Some lizards maybe do eat eggs I think. And meat.

Uli:   Maybe meat, yes. But not the baby bird eggs. It's not okay to eat eggs.

Me:   Some animals have to eat eggs and meat.

Uli:   Not me. And not lizards, not any more.

She's on a crusade.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Walk

We went on a walk tonight (our usual evening pastime) and we all wore hats and gloves, it was so cold. And even with her hat on my poor baby's ears were still chilly when we got home. Brrrrrrr. 

I'm already mourning the warm so I'm going to dwell on the loss share a lovely memory from this summer/early-fall. My sister sent us a Little sized doll wrap for my daughter, and Uli loves carrying her babies on walks just as I carry Ilse. Isn't she adorable? 

The Good Old Days, when one didn't need a parka to be outdoors...
[aprox 30 days ago]

Sure is hard to believe that I used to carry her everywhere. It wasn't even that long ago...

Summer 2009

Never really got the hang of the back carry...
But this one time, it worked!

Rain, schmain! (Hi Liz! Thanks for Uli's doll wrap!)

Memories. And a lifetime more to make! How many miles will we walk? I wonder. :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


It's international babywearing week, and I'd meant to make a whole big deal about it and try new wraps and talk about the types of carriers I have and post lots of pictures. But I didn't get around to any of that.  

Instead, I've been hanging out with my family and being back at work part time and going on evening walks in the last of the beautiful weather. But I've been wearing Ilse every day through all of that, so I think I can still say I celebrated the week properly even if I didn't blog about it.

Happy babywearing to all! 

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