Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creepy Mommy

Our Family
by Uli Propson age 4

Roll over ever so carefully, slowly - slowly!- scooting away from the sleeping toddler. Pause. Listen for the breathing. Still regular. Ok. Tuck blankets up and press them against the little one--perhaps she'll never notice you're gone.

Silently tiptoe past the snoozing four year old. Avoid the squeaky floorboards! Pull the door shut slightly, just so your decent downstairs is muffled.

Catch the cat before he rushes up to wake everyone. Push him back down and promise him breakfast.

Heat a cup of coffee in the microwave. Hit "cancel" before it ends, so they aren't woken by the beeping. A dollop of milk.

And now.

What on earth does a mommy do in the morning with no children yet awake?

Wait for them to wake up, I guess.

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