Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkin Seed Time

As many of you may have done recently, this weekend I roasted pumpkin seeds.

Uli loved them. She loved digging the seeds out of the middle of the pumpkin. She loved squishing the gooey seeds and the stringing pumpkin innards back and forth from hand to hand. She loved spreading them on the cookie sheet. She loved eating them once they were cool.

And she loved counting them. (My baby can count! Kind of!)

Daddy:  "Do you want more pumpkin seeds?"
Uli:  "Two!"
Daddy:  "You want two more seeds?"
Uli:  "Two and six!"
Daddy: "Two plus six?"
Uli:  "One, two, three!"

I believe seeds are brain food, no?

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