Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy Pics, Weeks 23 and 25

I haven't been very diligent about taking a weekly photo. (I'd dreams of making a cute week-by-week video, ending with baby in arms. Clearly, I'm too lazy and it's not gonna happen.) But I have a few pics here so I might as well share 'em, speckled mirror and all.

Week 23

Week 23 is when the books say the baby's middle ear is beginning to harden, lanugo covers the baby's body, and everything is starting to look proportionate. 

And yesterday, Week 25

This week in fetal development blood vessels are forming in the baby's lungs, and his/her nose is beginning to be unplugged. The books are beginning to warn the mama about hemorrhoids and an itchy belly (ah, the good stuff is on its way!). 

I do think my belly has started to grow a lot these past few weeks. Apparently between weeks 23 and 26 the baby doubles in size (from one lbs to two)---that's a big change! I'm feeling good, though getting a little more tired. And back-achy. More aches than I remember from last time, in fact. But I'm older this pregnancy (an aged 34) so perhaps that's to be expected. ;-)


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