Monday, January 18, 2010

What time is it? Play time, of course!

Through the variety and depth of his play experiences the child learns and grows. Experiences in social and motor skills, in mastering situations (balancing, carrying, pouring, throwing, lacing, running, catching, hammering, painting, observing, speaking, smelling, feeling, listening, and decision-making) highlight any child's play period. This is serious business because in these everyday activities real life comes to the preschooler. This is his world.

~The Family Game Book (1967)

Uli's favorite types of learning right now:

Balancing on the rocking chair (Momma says no!)
Balancing/Standing on her rocking cow
Climbing up onto her stool and balancing
Climbing up onto the couch arms and balancing (Momma says no!)
Standing up in the tub & pretending she won't slip (she inevitably does. Momma says no!)
Playing catch with (or watching Mommy & Daddy kick) her giant puffy orange ball
Playing tag with Lula (and screaming/giggling madly all the while)
Pulling all her books off their shelves (but then reading them)
Pushing her new wooden roller toy (kind of like this one)
"Where's your eye?" (points to her ear)
"Where's your mouth?" (sticks out her tongue!)
"Where's your nose?" (points to her ear)
"Where's your belly button?" (spot on)

Busy, busy, busy. Learning all the while.

Observe this documentation of the phenomenon known as the Awake Yet Somehow Still Toddler. 
Rarely seen & commonly believed to be a myth.


Anonymous January 19, 2010 at 7:31 PM  

Great job capturing that rarely seen phenomenon, I so wish I had as much energy as they do!

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