Friday, March 27, 2009

A Blog to make you cry

I have a good life. An amazing life. A wonderful, loving husband. A safe, warm home. And I am able to spend three full days a week with my baby. Even on the days when I take her into daycare, I get to spend almost an hour of happy morning time with her before we need to get into the car, and after I pick her up after work I am able to cuddle with her all evening. That’s good stuff. So I may describe frustrations in future entries, but I’m resolving to keep things on the positive productive side and stop whining. Some families have far greater tragedies than separation by daycare.

Which brings me to the blog I read today. One of the amazing thing about blog-land is that it isn’t just about posting pictures of your cute kids, it’s about sharing histories and experiences. Sure, some of what you read might be lies. But much of what is out there are honest truths, expressed via the vehicle of anonymity. And even though you don’t know these other people whose blogs you read, you become a community. A community of pen-pals, sure, but a community nevertheless. You boast, you bitch, you inform, you inquire, you laugh, you get inspired, and you cry with this on-line group. And today was a tearjerker.

I have several blogs I check regularly.  One of them directed her readers to this site, asking for prayers for the family. Oh, their story broke my heart.  Last week they woke up thinking it was a normal morning. Went into the baby’s room, checked his crib, and found he wasn’t breathing.  I can’t imagine. To watch your husband perform CPR on your infant when just 60 seconds before you were waiting to nurse him. I went from having a typical lunch to sobbing in the bathroom.

Today I was thankful that I have the luxury to hate having to drop Uli off at daycare. Because for at least one poor mother, last week was the last she ever spent with her baby.  I honestly just can’t imagine.


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