Sunday, August 5, 2012

a little Sunday sass

I think Facebook is ruining my life. I spend too much time reading about people I don't really know anymore and then worry my status updates are offending them. And when I'm offended (admit it, half of Facebook is viewing photos, the other half is gasping in horror at the crazy political crap being forwarded around) I try to keep the rage off the screen but instead find myself venting to my spouse, who bemusedly reminds me that I am choosing voluntarily to cavort on the internet with these people who are so not my mind-kin.

Plus Facebook is making me lazy and fat. It's true.

I'm considering going on a FB fast. Perhaps for a month or so (no one-day, one-week fast for me, hells no. Go Gandhi or go home!).

We'll see. It may improve my blogging. I never sit down at the computer any more, just roam FB on my phone.

But now, see here, I'm sitting at the table! Blogging! With a nursing nearly-one-year old on my lab, even. Fancy.

And here we are below, just moments ago, pre-milks. She's so sweet. First she's happy, then I changed the options to sepia and she responded in traditional old-timely fashion by becoming all serious. That's because she's brilliant and ironic too.


thefullmontessori August 5, 2012 at 9:55 PM  

Agh! I've been thinking the same thing about FB, and it's so true about feeling like you've insulted people or they've insulted you... How lame is that??? :) You've inspired me to go on a FB fast starting NOW! More blogging, less facebooking! :)

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