Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ilse is 7 Months Old

Seven months ago, my dear one, we saw your sweet face for the first time. You were lovely and had the squished newborn head and you nursed and nursed and we held you and cuddled you and were so happy to welcome you into our family.

Today we celebrated the past seven months and look forward to the seventy years more at least we have you (and I like to think you'll have us).

We love all of you: your rosy pinky peachy skin,  your shrill screams as you demand the remote,  the little dreads you twist into your blonde hair when you sleep.

We celebrate seven months of successful nursing. Seven months of diapers (I swear! I love cloth!). Seven months of health. Seven months of smiles.

And just this past month, as you roll and roll and crawl backward and try repeatedly to pull yourself up to the coffee table only to invariably fall and smash your poor noggin, we've begun to celebrate your independence.

How happy it is to snuggle with you. Sing to you. Laugh with you.

Toothless smiles. Need I say more?

Today we celebrate you, my sweet baby girl. All seven months of you. Such love.


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