Monday, January 16, 2012

Lunches at Work: January Update

I feel better about my lunches lately. My family received a membership to our local co-op for Christmas (hurray!), and we've been buying organic products and local produce (where available in January in Wisconsin) keeping my lunches in mind. I've had some good sandwiches and fruit this month so far and have no regrets about overindulging in the snacks while at work.

Today's lunch may be less healthy than my others the past few weeks because it's so much food (and thus so many calories. My husband warned me as I left the house that I wouldn't be able to [or perhaps, even if I could, I shouldn't] eat it all.) but todays is the day I'm blogging, so I'm sharing:

On today's menu is brown rice made right (no sauce, but that's okay--it's good plain as long as it's hot. Swear.), homemade (by the hubby) soup with organic veggies and beans, organic oatmeal & raisins (soaked in milk overnight vs. cooked), and a small slice of veggie pizza with whole wheat crust. And vitamins (I remembered!).

Delicious. And I still have an apple and carrots and celery sticks in my lunch bag for an afternoon snack, if I need them.

Only thing I wish I'd thought of for today:  I forgot a spoon. I brought a fork but forgot the spoon so I'm using a plastic one from the breakroom. I hate using "disposable" utensils (especially those that might be leaching poison!!). What I should do is pick-up a single set of flatware from St. Vinny's specifically for me to keep at the office. Filing that away for my next trip there.

Mmmmm. Filling-up on wholesome foods. Don't think I'll be tempted by the chip bags today! (At least, I can write about them here without feeling the intense urge to go buy one. That is progress, my friends.)


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