Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Third Trimester, Here We Go!

Week twenty-seven and just look at my belly! (It looks huge! When did that happen?)

This tri I've got to get down to business and get things knocked up off my list:

  • Birth plans (a super detailed one for my doula, a less-labor-focused one for my doctor, and an abbreviated version for the busy nursing staff)
  • Steep & drink red raspberry leaf tea
  • Get serious about squatting!
  • Help Justin plan/build a birth stool somewhat like this one or like this one (unless I can confirm that the hospital will provide one. Which I don't think they do)
  • Clean/organize the entire house (no more piles of stupid paper and plastic crap we don't need!)
  • Find/wash the newborn/infant clothes
  • Plan, make, and freeze dishes for once the baby is born (I've got some time on this one...)
  • Knit a wool diaper cover
  • Finish the other two knitting projects I've got in progress right now
  • Plant this year's vegetable garden (no time like late spring--ack!)
And I think that's it. No sweat right? ;-)


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